Our Hon. Secretary is PHILIP DWYER who is based in Tonbridge.

Our Chairman is PETER MERRY who is based in Andover.

Our County Captain is PETER GRIGGS who is based in Chipping Sodbury.


 Kent County Rifle Association has Prize Meetings in the spring (see May 18th page) and in the autumn which are open to everybody. We also have matches against other clubs in which team size is often determine by the number of people turning out for each side. The usual result is that EVERBODY gets a shoot but the number of scores counted for the match is decided by "How many people each side has got" and the higher scores counted

There are two major inter-county matches which are fired during the Imperial Meeting. These are THE COUNTY SHORT and THE COUNTY LONG (Ranges). There are also three major matches fired in he spring and early summer. The teams are chosen by the County Captain and getting into them is competitive.